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XCAST6-kit README (0.2.1, pre-alpha version)

* Release note
This document describes how you can set up XCAST6-kit for these platforms.
NetBSD 3.1.1
NetBSD 4.0

* Installation

1. Install OS into your machine.
– for NetBSD
See http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/ for detailed setup instruction.

– for FreeBSD
See http://www.freebsd.org/

Don’t forget to install the kernel sources, since it’s required
to build a XCAST6-enabled kernel.

2. Build XCAST6-enabled kernel.
2-1. Apply the XCAST6 kernel patch for the kernel sources.
– patch file for NetBSD 3.1.1
– patch file for NetBSD 4.0
– patch file for FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE
– patch file for FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE
– patch file for FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE
– patch file for FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE

For example:
cd /usr/src/sys
gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-2.1-1.diff.gz | patch -p2

2-2. Configure the kernel.
– sample configuration file for NetBSD is at
– sample configuration file for FreeBSD is at

Don’t forget to include these 2 lines in the
configuration file for NetBSD:
options        XCAST6
pseudo-device    xcst    1
following is for FreeBSD4:
options        XCAST6
pseudo-device    xcst
following is for FreeBSD5 and later:
options        XCAST6
device        xcst

2-3. Install the kernel and boot the machine with it.

3. Install xcast6.h and in6.h to /usr/include/netinet6.
For example:
cp /usr/src/sys/netinet6/{xcast6.h,in6.h} /usr/include/netinet6

4. Build and install the libxcast library.
For example:
tar zxvf /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-libxcast.tar.gz
cd libxcast
su root -c ‘make includes install’

5. Build and install ping6x.
For example:
tar zxvf /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-ping6x.tar.gz
cd ping6x
su root -c ‘make install’

6. Build and install traceroute6x.
For example:
tar zxvf /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-traceroute6x.tar.gz
cd traceroute6x
su root -c ‘make install’

7. For NetBSD 1.6.2, Build and install the modified sysctl command.
For NetBSD 2.1/3.0 and FreeBSD, original sysctl can be used for
XCAST6-enabled kernel.
Apply the patch for the sysctl sources.
– patch file for NetBSD 1.6.2

For example:
cd /usr/src/sbin/sysctl
gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sbin-1.6.2.diff.gz | patch -p3
su root -c ‘make install’

* Setup

1. Configure your machine as a normal IPv6 host or a normal IPv6 router
if the host should act as a router.
See http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/network/ipv6/#configuration_files
and set up /etc/rc.conf for NetBSD.

2. Run the following shell script.

——— from here ——–
#! /bin/sh


ifconfig $xcstif up
route -qn add -host -inet6 $xcast6rt ::1
route -qn change -host -inet6 $xcast6rt -ifp $xcstif
——– end  here ——–

You can put these commands in a file like /usr/local/etc/xcast6-setup.sh
and let it run from /etc/rc.local.

If you are going to use XCAST6 on site-local addresses, you must run
the following command:
/sbin/sysctl -w net.inet6.route6.xcast6_allowsitelocal=1
/etc/sysctl.conf can be used also.

For FreeBSD, you don’t need to provide above xcast6-setup.sh.
Instead, you can put following four lines into your /etc/rc.conf:

ipv6_route_xcast=”ff05::10 ::1 -ifp xcst0″

* Test Programs
– /usr/sbin/ping6x, /usr/sbin/traceroute6x

Command syntax:
/usr/sbin/ping6x host0,host1,host2,…,hostN [N-th]
/usr/sbin/traceroute6x host0,host1,host2,…,hostN [N-th]

The destinations are specified as host0,host1,host2,…,hostN.
Only the <N-th> host replies by ICMPv6, while other hosts never reply
for packets sent by ping6x or traceroute6x.  You can use these command
to diagnose the reachability to the <N-th> host in the destinations
and to list up the route to the <N-th> host.

– tcpdump
1. Download and extract tcpdump-3.8.3.tar.gz.
You can download it from:
Also, there is a local copy of the archive.

2. Apply the XCAST6 patch for tcpdump.
For example:
cd tcpdump-3.8.3
gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-tcpdump-3.8.3.diff.gz | patch -p1

3. Configure & make & install.
For example:
sh configure –prefix=/usr
make; su root -c ‘make install’

* Application Programs

– vic
1. Download and extract vic-2.8ucl-1.1.3.tar.gz.
You can download it from:
Also, there is a local copy of the archive.

2. Apply the XCAST6 patch for vic.
For example:
cd vic-2.8ucl-1.1.3
gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-vic-2.8ucl-1.1.3.diff.gz | patch -p1

3. Configure & make & install.
For example:
cd common; sh configure –enable-ipv6; make; cd ..
cd tcl-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../..
cd tk-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../..
cd vic; sh configure –enable-ipv6; make
su root -c ‘make install’

4. Run vic.
For example:
vic -n xcast6 host1,host2,host3/11000

You can specify the destinations with ‘,’ (comma) separated
IPv6 addresses and hostnames instead of the group multicast address.

Note for MDO6 users:
As you can see, command-line options are changed from vic/MDO6.
You should explicitly specify the network type “xcast6” with -n

– rat
1. Download and extract rat-4.2.25.tar.gz.
If you don’t install Tcl/Tk, download tcl-8.0.3ucl8.tar.gz and
tk-8.0.3ucl8.tar.gz, and extract into rat-4.2.25 directory.
You can download it from:
Also, there is a local copy of the archive.

2. Apply the XCAST6 patch for rat.
For example:
cd rat-4.2.25
gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-rat-4.2.25.diff.gz | patch -p1

3. Configure & make & install.
For example:
cd common; sh configure –enable-ipv6; make; cd ..
cd tcl-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../..
cd tk-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../..
cd rat; sh configure –enable-ipv6; make
su root -c ‘make install’

4. Run rat.
For example:
rat host1,host2,host3/11111

You can specify the destinations with ‘,’ (comma) separated
IPv6 addresses and hostnames instead of the group multicast address.

– We tested new release of rat-4.2.25 on NetBSD-1.6.2 and FreeBSD.
– NetBSD audio support is not perfect yet.  Volume setting
might not work.
You can use the “mixerctl” program to set play / record volumes
as follows:
mixerctl -w inputs.mic.preamp=on    # mic. preamp
mixerctl -w inputs.dac=200    # play (PCM) volume
mixerctl -w outputs.master=200    # master play volume
mixerctl -w inputs.mic=100    # record volume

– xcgroup
xcgroup is not an XCAST6-enabled software but a support software
that provides control plane of XCAST6 datagram delivery system.
See README.XCAST6 in xcast6-0.2.1-xcgroup.tar.gz for installation and

* Advanced Features

– X2U
You can use the X2U feature described in
draft-ooms-xcast-basic-spec-02.txt by setting 1 to the sysctl variable

sysctl -w net.inet6.route6.xcast6_x2ulevel=1

Premature X2U is not supported in this release.
See draft-ooms-xcast-basic-spec-02.txt for more details.

– libxcast_raw (raw socket version of libxcast, not fully working)
That’s for the operating systems that don’t support XCAST6 natively.
This feature needs X2U tunneling on the way of the delivery path;
you need at least one XCAST6/NetBSD host on the way.
You can build libxcast_raw by defining a LIBXCAST_RAW preprocessor macro.
You need root privileges to use the library.  Windows XP users can
build it with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and the IPv6 Technical Preview
package by using libxcast_raw.dsw for the workspace file (and
libxcast_raw.dsp for the project file).  We know several functions of
libxcast_raw run on Windows XP.  libxcast_raw for *BSD may work, but
is not tested.  USAGI users can see README.usagi in the source
directory of the library for reference.

– Caveats
– XcastEnableMember() and XcastDisableMember() is not correctly
implemented.  Do not use now or fix them by yourself 🙂

* Mailing list
There is a mailing list to talk about XCAST6-kit.
WIDE XCAST6-kit information/announcement mailing list.

– To subscribe
Send email to
which has command “subscribe” in its body.

– To get help message of the list
Send email to
which has command “help” in its body.


2008-03-03  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd7: add support for FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE.

2008-01-20  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd6: sync with 6.3-RELEASE.

2007-12-31  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* netbsd-4: add support for netbsd-4-0-RELEASE
* netbsd-3: sync with 3.1.1

2007-01-16  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd6: sync with 6.2-RELEASE.

2006-06-22  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* ip_fw2.c: teach how to handle XCAST6 header to ipfw (freebsd6).

2006-05-30  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd5: sync with 5.5-RELEASE.

2006-05-13  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd6: sync with 6.1-RELEASE.

2005-12-31  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* vic: back to vic-2.8ucl-1.1.3

2005-12-20  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* netbsd-3: add support for netbsd-3-0-RELEASE

2005-12-02  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* netbsd-2: sync with 2.1

2005-11-04  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd6: add support for FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE.

2005-05-15  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* XCAST6-kit 0.2.1 is released.

2005-05-11  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd5: sync with 5.4-RELEASE.

2005-04-28  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* netbsd-1.5.3: end-of-life
* netbsd-2: sync with 2.0.2

2005-04-15  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* sys/net/if_types.h: change IFT_XCST to use 0xfa

2005-02-18  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* xcgroup/ucllib: sync with common-1.2.16

2005-02-15  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* vic: sync with 2.8ucl1.1.5

2005-02-09  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* rat: sync with 4.2.25

2005-02-01  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd4: sync with 4.11-RELEASE.

2005-01-29  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* XCAST6-kit 0.2 is released.

2005-01-22  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* icmp6.c (ni6_input): don’t panic against `ping6x -w
::1′ (required for FreeBSD 5 only).

* ip6_output.c (ip6_setpktoption): allow IPV6_HOPOPTS option which
type is IP6OPT_TYPE_XCAST6 (required for FreeBSD 5 only).

2005-01-14  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* if_xcst.c: make bpf work on xcst0.

2004-12-31  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* libem6, libxcast, ping6x, traceroute6x: move from netbsd/*
* tcpdump: sync with 3.8.3

2004-12-26  HAMAJIMA Katsuomi

* netbsd-1-6: sync with NetBSD-1.6.2
* netbsd-2: support for NetBSD-2.0

2004-12-25  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* vic: Make vic compilable with GCC 3.4.2
Submitted by:    “KONDOU, Kazuhiro” <kazuhiro@alib.jp>

2004-12-24  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* if_xcst.c: Make if_xcst kld module on FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE as

* if_xcst.c: Make if_xcst cloner on FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE as well.
Please add cloned_interfaces=”xcst0″ into your /etc/rc.conf to
create xcst0.

2004-12-22  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd4: Add support for FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE

2004-12-21  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

* freebsd5: Add support for FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE

2003-08-23  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <fwkg7679@mb.infoweb.ne.jp>

* vic/vic/video/grabber-video4linux.cpp:
– Fixed to use geometry information got by ioctl(VIDIOCGCAP)
instead of PAL_WIDTH/PAL_HEIGHT when checking if the device
has 422 planar mode.
Submitted-by: Junji Sato
RequestID: 735035

2002-09-25  TSUJI Takehiro

Version 0.1.2.

* Added kernel patches for new XCAST6-enabled platforms.
NetBSD 1.5.3
NetBSD 1.6

* ping6x, vic
Modified a bit for compatibility of these OSes.

* rat
Updated original source to rat-4.2.22 that can work
on FreeBSD-4.6.2.

* tcpdump

2002-04-22  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

Version 0.1.1.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed mbuf leakage on the failure of m_copym()/m_dupm().
It seems that I’d completely mixed up with the behavior of
m_copym() (for m_pullup()/m_pulldown()) on xcast6.c:1.24.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c:
– Fixed a double-freeing bug of mbuf.
Fix of icmp6.c in 2002-02-28 was incorrect.

2002-04-19  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/README.usagi:
– Added.

* doc/README-XCAST6.txt:
– Added comments for libxcast_raw on USAGI.

* vic/vic/net/net-xcast6.cpp:
– Modified to include <netinet6/xcast6.h>
only when the file is found.

* vic/vic/configure.in.head:
* vic/vic/configure
– Added check for the existence of netinet6/xcast6.h.
– Added –enable-kame-ipv6.

* xcgroup/client/xcgroup:
– Adapted for Linux ifconfig command.

2002-04-18  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* rat/common/src/net_udp.c:
– Fixed a compilation error on !defined(linux).

* doc/README-XCAST6.txt:
– Adapted for 0.1.1-release.

2002-04-17  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/libxcast_priv.h:
* netbsd/lib/libxcast/group.c:
* netbsd/lib/libxcast/member.c:
* netbsd/usr.sbin/ping6x.c:
* netbsd/usr.sbin/traceroute6x.c:
– Fixed a bug that a site-local address was selected as
a source address.
Hamajima-san, thanks for reporting bug and useful information.

Request-ID: 544497

2002-04-16  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed a bug around xcast6 routing aggregation.
The code couldn’t handle the interface routes.
Sohgo-san, thanks for reporting the bug and environment
information to reproduce it!

2002-04-11  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* rat/common/src/net_udp.c:
* vic/common.new/src/net_udp.c:
* xcgroup/ucllib/src/net_udp.c:
– Applied a workaround for USAGI’s bind()…
USAGI doesn’t allow multiple processes to bind on
a single port with INADDR_ANY (or in6addr_any) address.
I don’t know what is the best fix for this problem.

2002-03-06  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/Makefile.usagi:
– Fixed the .c.so rule.

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/usagiglue.h:
– Fixed the IPV6_VERSION macro (0x06 -> 0x60).

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/send.c:
– Minor cleanup.

2002-03-01  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/group.c:
– Modified the protocol of the socket to IPPROTO_IPV6.
See also send.c changes.

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/send.c:
– Added “#ifdef SIN6_LEN” for sockaddr_in6::sin6_len.
– Modified to send the hop-by-hop options header as
a control data (msghdr::msg_control).

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/usagiglue.h:
* netbsd/lib/libxcast/Makefile.usagi:
– Added.  These files could be used for libxcast_raw
on the USAGI kit.

2002-02-28  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c:
– Fixed a mbuf leakage bug.

* netbsd/usr.sbin/ping6x/ping6x.c:
* netbsd/usr.sbin/ping6x/traceroute6x.c:
– Fixed a bug on calculating padding size of the
option header.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Modified the type identifier of malloc(9)
from M_MBUF to M_TEMP,  because the lifetime of
allocated area is limited to the function.
Anyway, M_MBUF is wrong and not suitable.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
* netbsd/sys/netinet6/if_xcst.c:
– Fixed bugs in !defined(PULLDOWN_TEST) parts.
This fix has no effect for XCAST6/NetBSD.

2002-02-21  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

Version 0.1.0.

2002-02-18  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sbin/Makefile:

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed mistake of the ICMP6 reflection policy.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/if_xcst.c:
– Removed an unused variable.

2002-02-12  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c:
– Modified the original code of NetBSD in order not to
panic (typo?). Tateoka-san, thanks for reporting the bug!

These 6 modifications are based on Yamazaki-san’s patches.
Yamazaki-san, thanks for the contribution and testing!
* vic/vic/configure.in:
– Added a check for libinet6.

* vic/vic/configure.in.head:
– Added a check for socklen_t.

* vic/vic/configure:
– Re-generated.

* vic/vic/codec/encoder-jpeg.cpp:
– Fixed a syntax error.

* vic/vic/render/histtolut/histtolut.cpp:
– Added “#include <string.h>”.

* vic/vic/net/net-ipv6.cpp:
– Modified to use socklen_t instead of int.

2002-01-31  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/lixcast/libxcast_priv.h:
– Added comments on dummyfd in struct xcast_group.

* netbsd/lib/lixcast/member.c:
– Fixed a memory leakage on WSAIoctl() error (Win32 only).

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Modified not to re-calculate the UDP checksum
on X2U forwarding if it is 0 (i.e. no checksum).

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/if_xcst.c:
– Minor cleanup.  No effective changes.

* rat/common/src/net_udp.c:
– Fixed addrinfo leakage (added freeaddrinfo()).
– Separated udp_change_addr46() to udp_change_addr4()
and udp_addr_change6().

* vic/vic/tcl/cf-network.tcl:
– Added comments on in6_multicast_addr procedure.

* doc/README-XCAST6.txt:
– Added “Advanced Features” section.
– Added description for sysctl.
– Changed version numbers.

* doc/ChangeLog:
– Added.

2002-01-28  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/libxcast_priv.h:
– Added comments on dummyfd, which is used for getting
a local address and a local port number.

2002-01-22  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sbin/Makefile:
* netbsd/sbin/Makefile.inc:
– Added.

2002-01-16  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Modified to leave the UDP checksum untouched
on X2U forwarding if the checksum field is 0.

2002-01-15  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fix a bug around checksum calculation routine.
xcast6_cksum() used to return -1 on error
(mbuf allocation failure) and the callers didn’t
consider that.  Now xcast6_cksum() doesn’t return -1
bacause there are no mbuf allocation in the function.
Yamazaki-san, thanks for reporting the bug!

2002-01-09  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/if_xcst.c:
– Fixed a bug on handling hopopts headers
in xcst_output().  Hopopts headers should be skipped,
but had been processed actually.
Yamazaki-san, thanks!

2002-01-08  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sbin/sysctl/sysctl.c:
– Added support for these 4 sysctl names:

2002-01-07  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* vic/vic/video/grabber-ov511.cpp:
– Workaround for OV511+/OV7620AE.
There is a version of WebCam Plus with OV7620AE CMOS sensors.
Ninokata-san, thanks for reporting a bug and testing!
We’ve never seen WebCam Plus with OV7620AE but with OV7620.
– Fixed a typo around the argument of select().

2001-12-26  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* xcgroup/ucllib/src/net_udp.c:
– Modified to use WSAIoctl(SIO_MULTICAST_SCOPE) instead of
setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_TTL) for WIN32.
setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_TTL) looks to take no effect.
But original vic and rat is working with hostlocal spope…

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed a bug in xcast6_bit_find().  xcast6_bit_find()
used to return a larger value than the bitmap size specified
in its argument.
– Fixed bugs around xcast6_free_routes().

2001-12-25  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed a lot of bugs that freed mbufs were accessed on
– Fixed bugs in X2U processing.

2001-12-20  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* rat/common/src/rtp.c
* rat/common/src/net_udp.h
* rat/common/src/net_udp.c
– Modified the receiving socket to be persistent
on changing address lists.

* vic/vic/net/net-xcast6.cpp:
– Fixed a bug around getaddrinfo() in Xcast6Network::open().
– Modified to call getaddrinfo() with host=NULL instead of “::”
on creating a receiving socket.
– Modified the receiving socket to be persistent
on changing address lists.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.h:
* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Modified the allocation of xcast6_routetab, that existed
on static area.  Now we allocate it dynamically.
– Fixed a mbuf leakage bug around multicast, link-local, and
site-local filter.
– Fixed a memory overrun bug around XCAST6_RTHDR_ANON support.

2001-12-18  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* vic/vic/net/net-xcast6.cpp:
– Fixed a bug that was introduced on Windows support.
– Minor cleanup.

2001-12-17  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* rat/common/src/net_udp.c:
– Enabled XcastSetSockOpt(IPV6_MULTICAST_HOPS)
because the function was implemented now.
– Fixed a crash resulting from udp_init6() failure
on Windows. This is a workaround for XCAST6, not a real fix
for IPv6 because udp_send6() has the same point.
(Windows is quuite lame on struct sockaddr_in6…)

* vic/vic/net/net-xcast6.cpp:
– Enabled XcastSetSockOpt(IPV6_MULTICAST_HOPS)
because the function was implemented now.

* xcgroup/:
– Now xcgroup and Ruby/Mbus works on mswin32 Ruby!

2001-12-13  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* in6.h:
* in6_proto.c:
* xcast6.h:
* xcast6.c:
– Added support for sysctl.

– Added installation of modified sysctl and netinet6/in6.h.
Note for XCAST6 0.0.2 users:
You must install netinet6/in6.h if you want to install
the sysctl command.

2001-12-07  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* rat/:
– Win32 commits.

2001-12-05  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* vic/vic/net/net-xcast6.cpp:
– Modified to exclude XcastSetSockOpt(IPV6_MULTICAST_HOPS),
that is not supported now.

* vic/:
– Win32 commits.

2001-11-29  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* vic/vic/net/net-xcast6.cpp:
– Fixed a bug in Xcast6Network::open().
The method should return an int-type value, but it wasn’t.

2001-11-14  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* rat/rat/auddev_netbsd.c:
– Fixed a busy loop on recording samples
that arised from misunderstanging of select(2) for audio(4).

* rat/common/src/net_udp.c:
– Fixed a bug in TTL setup.
Thanks to the WIDE XCAST WG for testing.

* vic/vic/tcl/cf-network.tcl:
– Fixed a bug in TTL setup.
Thanks to the WIDE XCAST WG for testing.

2001-11-09  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed a typo.

* X2U Bug fixed.  Now it works.
TODO:  Checksum recalculation using delta.

2001-11-08  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* Implemented X2U.  Not tested yet.
This revision may not work, but committed as a milestone.

2001-11-06  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Fixed link-local and site-local address filter behavior.
– Added multicast address filter.

2001-11-05  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c:
– Added a comment describing the reason why validation of
XCAST6 routing header is not needed in ip6_setpktoptions().

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.h:
– Added the x6c_hbhseen member in xcast6_ctl_t.
this member is used for more precise detection
for encapsulation.  There had been a bug on processing
packets that have IP6 header after a XCAST6 routing header.

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/if_xcst.c:
– Modified to check m->m_len is enough before calling

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/xcast6.c:
– Removed slower version of xcast6_bit_find().
– Modified not to send/receive/forward the packet
if it contains a link-local/site-local address in its
address list.
– Added codes for x6c_hbhseen handling.
– Fixed a typo.

2001-10-29  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/lib/libxcast/sockopt.c:
– Eliminated compilation warning on getsockopt() (bug).
Ogata-san thanks!

2001-10-23  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* netbsd/sys/netinet6/icmp6.c:
– Fixed ICMP6 reflect behavior (bug).
Yamazaki-san thanks!

2001-10-22  KUROSAWA Takahiro  <kurosawa@flab.fujitsu.co.jp>

* vic/vic/video/gnu/grabber-ov511.cpp:
– Modified the PXDV and LNDV register setting.
It seems better for VCR application to set 1 for pixel divisor
and line divisor.


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